About Patisserie Coralie & Cafe Coralie

Who are we? We are a local family owned company, involved in the socioeconomic development of our community.

Patisserie Coralie is a boutique French pastry shop and coffee shop located downtown Evanston at 600 Davis street. From the design of the space, to the recipes or the culinary team, Patisserie Coralie is deeply rooted in French culture. We aim at recreating an authentic French experience using the highest quality natural ingredients.

Café Coralie, located at 633 Howard Street, also in Evanston, is an extension of Patisserie Coralie.
Both locations offer fresh baked vienoiseries, traditional French pastries, the largest selection of macarons in the Chicago land area as well as savory options,imported cookies and candies for sale daily. We also offer the same products for wholesale distribution We proudly serve Coralie Coffee in both of our locations and soon to be in select retail stores near you. Our unique blend was inspired by coffee found in French cafes displaying a full body with low acidity and a light chocolate finish. For more information, visit our website at Our tea program offers an extensive selection of Benjamin Teas.

Patisserie Coralie and Café Coralie are designed by owner Pascal Berthoumieux. The spaces feature custom made furniture with “rolling pin” tablesalong with candy cane bistro chairs and marble bistro tables. Pascal’s personal collection of antique pastry utensils can be found throughout the spaces. .

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Check out our sister restaurant, in beautiful South Evanston.

Cafe Coralie

633 Howard Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 6pm